Apron LES FILLES for adults and also for children

Paula Ospina and Tamsin Wright, soul of the ecological restaurant Les Filles Cafè in Barcelona, did not take a minute to answer with a "YES" to this new challenge that we proposed to them from Les Créations de la Maison. This charity project was to design a capsule of linen aprons. The objective, as in all our CSR projects, is to make original, beautiful and sustainable products, donating 100% of the profits collected to an environmental cause. On this occasion, to Ambiente Europeo association which works to protect the environment.


Duo or single pack, you decide!

In addition to being made with linen, without zippers, and in super pretty colors, our Lamadrid Values aprons are made by the ARED Association based on the maximum of ZERO WASTE. Paula and Tamsin from Les Filles Cafè, have been involved in the design of the pattern, as well as in the 3 chromatic pairs selected by themselves so that they combine with each other. LES FILLES aprons are available in 2 sizes -adult and child-, with the idea that you can buy it as a pack, or if you prefer, separately!

"Any environmental social cause in which we can contribute our help, we will be there from Les Filles to join in whatever it takes"

Will you join us in giving products with a social cause?

More than a garment to protect clothes from stains or scratches, our aprons are beautiful, comfortable and with a unique design. They have been made by the ARED Association with discontinued linen fabrics or cuts from Les Créations de la Maison, which makes them sustainable under the maximun of ZERO WASTE.

Perfect for matching with the little ones in the house and making cooking, crafts, gardening or any activity that requires it, a moment of family fun with top style and sustainability.

In addition to the fact that it can be an ideal gift, you will be making a gift for our Mediterranean Sea, since absolutely all the profits collected will be donated to the Ambiente Europeo Association, specifically to its citizen science project on marine litter International Coastal Cleanup.

And you, will you join us in giving products with a social cause?

The sea, a shared passion

Under the motto “The living Nature”, Les Créations de la Maison has been working and collaborating for years to make our world a better place.
And on this occasion, it join strenghts with Ambiente Europeo organization, whose mission is to create social awareness to stimulate citizens’ ability to contribute to the solution of environmental problems. The collaboration will specifically be in the “International Coastal Cleanup” project, globally led by the Ocean Conservancy organization, which European Environment is responsible for coordinating throughout Spain.

Gratitude and respect for the Mediterranean sea is deep and the commitment to care for it is part of the DNA of Les Créations de la Maison.

Our collaborators

Paula & Tamsin, women, mothers and businesswomen involved with the environment

Tamsin and Paula met in a restaurant in Barcelona, shared a conversation and that’s where a friendship forged by love and respect for nature and the desire to be present as mothers began. Together they have been nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Les Filles Cafè, a tastefully landscaped café. Through recycled furniture from other restaurants, biodegradable napkins, ecological cleaning soaps and many plants, some aromatics, remain faithful to their values of sustainability and well-being.

Tamsin Wright is originally from Formentera, but has Scottish ancestry. She is a doctor in biology with an MBA and has had a career as a researcher in the pharmaceutical sector. She has also completed a master’s degree in nutrition.

Paula Ospina is from Colombia. She is a social worker, photographer, ex model, yoga teacher, and has studied Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). She has collaborated in some restoration projects in Barcelona and is one of the co-creators of The Green Spot. Undoubtedly a couple of strong women.

New culture of sustainability

The Ambiente Europeo Association (AAE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the environment through projects based on the creation of social awareness about environmental problems and the ability of citizens to contribute to their solution through scientific research. (Citizen Science).
AAE coordinates throughout Spain the International Coastal Cleanup, globally led by the Ocean Conservancy organization, it is the world’s largest citizen science event on marine litter that annually summons more than one million volunteers in more than 100 countries and territories to collect, classify and record data on the garbage that pollutes the coasts and bottoms of seas, rivers and lakes.

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