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A big step forwards

The use of responsible fabrics is a project that encompasses all the Lamadrid Group brands, and which has become a sieve to filter each of our decisions.

We are fully committed to ensuring that all the fabrics that we incorporate into our collections are produced in a responsible way by all of our suppliers. 


This commitment covers not only the aspect of sustainability, for which we have created our Sustainable Fabrics seal (‘SF’), but it also serves to ensure that all our collaborators apply correct ethical practice in their treatment of their employees and the environment.

Therefore, although it may sometimes involve complex decision making, we will only work with suppliers that meet these responsibilities, and offer us a total guarantee of compliance.


The process towards total sustainability involves gauging the degree of commitment of our suppliers, which is done by a “Values ​​and Responsibility Questionnaire”.
With the data collected, we prepare a detailed report on the supplier, which ranges from their use of sustainable fibres through their consumption of renewable energies in their processes to their application of waste reduction policies.

1. Raw Materials

Working with more and more manufacturers that use, at least in most of their production, raw materials and fibres produced in a responsible way. This will allow us to progress more quickly in the implementation of our SF (Sustainable Fabrics) seal in the maximum number of fabrics in our collections.

2. Environment

Checking that our suppliers follow a manufacturing process that does not harm the environment or people, with special controls regarding recycling, non-waste and non-contamination.

3. Energy efficiency

Confirming that our suppliers aim to produce with an efficient use of energy and to use logistics processes that are as sustainable as possible.

4. Respectful manufacturing

Not selling products that have not been manufactured in a way that is transparent and completely respectful to people, without using child labour, and aiming to promote disadvantaged groups of society.

5. Waste

For both us and our suppliers to get as close as possible to “Zero Waste”, that is, the total non-generation of waste of any type, finding creative outlets for all surplus fabrics and samples. 

Recommended certifications:

Guarantees that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process and that fabrics are completely safe for direct contact with you, your children and your pets.

Guarantees that the environmental impact of operations is measured and improved.

Guarantees that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment and that fabrics are completely safe for direct contact with you, your children and your pets.

OCS is a certification awarded to products with guaranteed organic content, such as organic cotton

It ensures that specific requirements are met for an internal quality management system within companies.



(Sustainable Fabrics) seal and the exhaustive control process of good working practices for all our manufacturers with our “Values ​​and Responsibility Questionnaire”, it is worth adding our involvement in own projects, through the actions developed in LAMADRID VALUES.

This path of solidarity work is something that we are immensely proud of and tremendously excited about. It consists of offering our direct support to specific actions and foundations with ecological and social purposes. We have implemented a complete long-term plan for these projects, through our brands: Les Creations de la Maison and Güell Lamadrid, which is explained in more detail in our CSR manifesto, Lamadrid Values.

El empeño desde Les Creations de la Maison es, además de operar en acciones de limpieza concretas, generar conciencia sobre el problema del plástico, e invitar a que se realice un consumo responsable. Por este motivo, nos involucramos en un proyecto fotográfico y solidario, en colaboración con la directora creativa Pepi de Boissieu.

Se trata de una serie fotográfica titulada We are becoming plastic.

Esta sesión nos invita a la reflexión acerca de cómo hemos integrado los micro plásticos en nuestras vidas, y nos anima a incorporar en la rutina diaria la autodisciplina de limpieza de playas y costas para solucionar este grave problema.

Sobre Grupo Lamadrid

Pero no nos podemos quedar solo ahí y pedir todo el esfuerzo a nuestros proveedores, por lo que una vez hayamos confirmado que los tejidos que compramos se fabrican de manera responsable, nuestra voluntad debe ser la de generar también una dinámica empresarial adecuada para favorecer, por supuesto, la sostenibilidad del planeta, pero también para ayudar a reducir las desigualdades sociales con proyectos de acción social, tal como recoge nuestro manifiesto de RSC, LAMADRID Values.

Nuestra Misión

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El proceso hacia la completa sostenibilidad supone, entre otras cosas, la realización de unos “Cuestionarios de Valores y Responsabilidad”. Con estos datos recabamos toda la información necesaria para elaborar un informe detallado de los procesos de fabricación y certificados de nuestros proveedores.

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