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Other initiatives

We believe that great things usually start from small beginnings. For years, the Lamadrid values have been committed to carrying out different projects and activities with various foundations and NGOs.

Fundación Fade

The mission of this foundation is to promote an active and involved citizenship in the prevention and resolution of social problems that affect the integral development of people, both in Spain and abroad.

Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer involves the most disadvantaged groups in India to achieve sustainable development and social justice.

Fundació Esmen

Every year we contribute to children with intellectual disabilities. ESMEN is a non-profit foundation that works to support adults with learning disabilities, to promote their quality of life, autonomy and inclusion.

Fundació MACBA

We collaborate with this foundation to actively contribute to the creation and development of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona by creating our own art fund.


Every year we collaborate with Dianova, a non-profit social action NGO that helps people in need, whether because of their vulnerable situation, or because they are at risk of exclusion.

Fundació Banc dels Aliments

An independent, apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit foundation, which aims to recover surplus food suitable for human consumption and to fight against food poverty, by delivering it to people in a precarious situation.

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