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A responsible and committed attitude towards people and our environment

A particular vision of the world, our declaration of intentions, a different way of doing things and a reason why, stemming from our mission as a company, a reflection of family values and traditions.

The ability to create happiness and comfort through our products involves working on the design, quality, service, reliability and safety of all the fabrics we create, something that Grupo Lamadrid has been doing since the beginning.

We apply this attitude in all that we do, in how we relate to people and our environment throughout the entire production process and the marketing of our articles, from beginning to end.

Because we are all part of the same society and the same planet, we must respect, protect and care for each other.

Our team, our family

We are aware that it is our people who make Grupo Lamadrid what it is every day, and that, without them, none this would not be possible.

As they are an important part of our company, and have been since our beginning, we develop a responsible attitude towards them, caring for, supporting and promoting their professional and personal development.

  • We offer training and/or development plans for careers and promotions.
  • Collaborative synergies: we add and invite our stakeholders to this project, encouraging them to participate in our initiatives.
  • We facilitate and promote family conciliation.
  • We maintain close, open and transparent communication.

We offer the best fabrics without compromising on the health of our environment and the planet

Achieving the highest quality, reliability and the best designs would not be possible without a responsible attitude throughout the manufacturing and finishing process. Our processes are focused on protecting the health of our environment and the sustainability of the planet.

  • Sustainable fabrics: increasingly supporting the use of recycled or recyclable fibres and always insisting on the necessary certifications.
  • Responsible production: always following and demanding strict environmental impact controls and decent, certified and audited working conditions

We promote actions to compensate and alleviate negative effects caused to the environment

Our objective is to contribute to the sustainability of our planet and to offset the emissions generated by our direct activity as much as possible.

That’s why we have implemented some actions to achieve these objectives, and we will continue to develop others.

  • Cleaning up waste on beaches and helping to preserve the seabed.
  • Bosque Les Créations: where we will offset our CO2 emissions derived from activities such as freight transport.
  • Collaborations: Inviting people to participate in our sustainability projects.

We promote social actions and we create "products with value”

As a family business, we are committed to the development and well-being of the society that surrounds us.

Through our relationship with our partners, we take action with a clear social impact, creating second opportunities for people at risk of exclusion, or helping groups of society in need.

The result: “Products with values”, much more than just products.


We are committed to fighting waste

Our activity is not exempt from waste generation, which is why we have committed ourselves to the fight against it, with the ultimate goal of achieving “zero waste”.

The best waste is that which is never generated – we work with prevention, estimating, analysing and forecasting to avoid waste and minimise surplus from the outset.

We also seek to give a second life to our leftover fabrics, always aiming not to throw anything away and making donations that avoid generating more waste for the planet, because all fabrics can be used to help someone.

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