Mucha Tela Project

The MUCHA TELA Project, led by Les Créations de la Maison, seeks to offer a small input to the enormous environmental problem posed by the number of plastic microorganisms that are dumped into our oceans. The initiative consists of helping with the cleaning of waste on Spanish coasts, and raising awareness about responsible plastic consumption.


"The solution is to make cleaning and / or collecting garbage on our beaches and coasts a routine in our lives and not on a specific day."

María Celma, Océano Limpio Tenerife


Les Créations de la Maison initiative was born because we feel that we are in debt to our planet. That is why we persist in our efforts to get fully involved in this very serious environmental problem.

We are well aware that plastic microparticles not only hopelessly pollute our oceans and coexist peacefully integrated into our coastal landscapes, but they have also ended up being part of our body. We hope, with this contribution, to shed some light on this very serious environmental problem. In addition, as a family business from Barcelona, we believe that it is important to pitch in with actions at the national level, since as we have seen, it is not necessary to go very far to see that we have the problem right here, on our beaches and coasts. Spanish.


El foco del problema

Microplastics are tiny particles, smaller than 5 millimeters, that have spread like a plague throughout the ocean. This waste that reaches the coast can take years in the sea and travel thousands of kilometers before being washed away by currents and being stranded on the beaches or forming part of our body through the food we eat.

The commitment from Les Creations de la Maison is, in addition to operating in specific cleaning actions, to raise awareness about the problem of plastic, and invite responsible consumption. For this reason, we got involved in a solidarity and photographic project, in collaboration with the creative director Pepi de Boissieu.

It is a photographic series entitled We are becoming plastic.

This session invites us to reflect on how we have integrated microplastics into our lives, and encourages us to incorporate the self-discipline of cleaning beaches and coasts into our daily routine to solve this serious problem.

In order to make people aware of this reality that surrounds us, we spread by land, sea, air and RR.SS. the photographic series made by creative director Pepi de Boissieu and thereby shake consciences and invite reflection.

The goal is for people to ask themselves: What can I do to avoid this environmental disaster? Do I make a responsible consumption of plastic? Am I aware that we are becoming plastic too?

Ecological diving

On the other hand, in this new edition of #MuchaTelaProject, three microplastics cleaning expeditions were carried out on the beaches of Tenerife in collaboration with EcoOcéanos. Les Créations de la Maison has a massive group of professional divers with all the necessary diving equipment and civil liability insurance in order to go down to the seabed and clean all kinds of waste that accumulate in the waters of our ocean.

Krenit Bowl

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