Reforestation to reduce global warming

Les Créations de la Maison have created THE YOGI BAG, an original bag to store a yoga mat, the proceeds from which will go entirely towards a specific and necessary environmental cause: reforesting an unpopulated, hot, and arid area in the province of Soria, Spain.


Supporting a very "green" cause

Lamadrid Values, the platform for selling solidarity products created by Grupo Lamadrid, presents the original “YOGI BAGS”, that have been made by giving a new lease of life to fabric remnants that were going to be discarded.

Designed by Mercedes de la Rosa (Zentro Urban Yoga), and on this occasion, supporting a beautiful environmental cause, the brand, Les Créations de la Maison, will donate all proceeds from the sale of these yoga mat bags, to reforest an unpopulated area in the province of Soria, Spain.

"I would love to design a nice mat bag made of 100% recycled cotton with a zipped pocket where you can store all your essential belongings"

Mercedes de la Rosa

The most difficult thing will be to choose your favourite YOGI BAG!

Created from 100% recycled cotton fabrics and following its maxim of Zero Waste, the 12 YOGI BAG models with secure zipped pocket are an original gift for anyone who does yoga.

This practical bag was designed with this maxim in mind, calling on the expertise and generous support from Mercedes de la Rosa. The YOGI BAG has a secure pocket and zip closure with just enough space to hold your mobile phone, keys, a small wallet, and a locker wrist band. The sturdy handles mean you can carry it over your shoulder or on your back. Inside, you can comfortably carry your mat, whatever its thickness or length.

Convert arid and depopulated areas into green areas

All proceeds from sales of YOGI BAGS will go towards reforesting a large unpopulated area in the province of Soria. Under the slogan “The Living Nature”, the brand, Créations de la Maison, has been working for years to contribute to maintaining and generating environmental activities in the country. From cleaning beaches with “Mucha Tela Project”, to protecting posidonia meadows in the Balearic Islands. Now, it is time to focus on forests.

By supporting the incredible work of “CO2 Gestión” for carbon absorption, we will foster forestation in depopulated areas of Spain. The aim is to play our part in mitigating climate change, seeking to turn depopulated areas of “Empty Spain” into green areas and, thus, transform them into natural areas of great environmental value.

Our collaborators

Mercedes de la Rosa, friend, and solidarity ambassador

Mercedes de la Rosa is our friend and ambassador for this Lamadrid Values solidarity project. Mercedes holds a degree in Journalism and International Relations and is a dancer in her spare time. At the age of 23 she discovered yoga, at a time when she was suffering from insomnia while working as a journalist reporting in developing countries. From there, she turned it into a lifelong journey. In 2005, together with her partners, she opened Zentro Urban Yoga (ZUY) in Barcelona. Ten years later, in 2015, they opened a new centre in Madrid, where she became the company CEO, and she is now making her mark online. Currently, ZUY has studios where they teach yoga classes, train teachers, and invite the world’s best teachers to help expand the practice of yoga and meditation. De la Rosa, together with Mónica and Xuan-Lan, is also the founder of the FreeYoga movement, where she teaches regular vinyasa classes.

Reforestation to reduce global warming

CO2 GESTIÓN is a Carbon Absorption project fostered by the company, Gestión Forestal y del Medio Agrícola S.L., with the aim of fostering forestation in depopulated areas.

With the aim of mitigating climate change, they look after the environment while, at the same time, helping the most disadvantaged areas to grow and giving disused, abandoned, or underused rural estates in ”empty Spain” a new lease of life by creating valuable natural areas and generating hours of local work. They also contribute to the fight against desertification by preventing land and forest degradation.

CO2 GESTIÓN in numbers:
+50 forests and plantations created
+200,000 trees planted
+100,000 local working hours generated

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