Second opportunity with Fundación Ared

The Table Pocket is a solidarity product that has been made by a group of women from the ARED FOUNDATION, who are offered a second opportunity in the world of work, avoiding the risk of social exclusion.


#The Table Pocket

It’s not what it seems.

It could be one more individual at your table, but the “Table Pocket” is unlike anything you’ve seen to date. For starters, it has a matching napkin incorporated in its pocket to identify the diner. In addition, this solidarity product has been made by a group of women from the ARED FOUNDATION, who are offered a second job opportunity, thus avoiding the risk of being socially excluded. All profits will go to them. We could also say that it is a type of sustainable individual, since the fabrics that make it up have survived disuse under the maxim of ZERO WASTE.

The model Judit Mascó, as honorary president of the Ared Foundation, is collaborating altruistically with Grupo Lamadrid in publicizing this solidarity sale that, like the Table Pocket, will revert to the benefit of this entity. The Ared Foundation helps women at risk of social exclusion by offering them training and decent work.

“Fundació Ared is, from its beginnings, a woman, insertion, training and inclusion. We have been working for 27 years to offer the second chances that we all deserve. That is why we are very excited about this collaboration with the Lamadrid Group, because we started a project closely identified with our mission as an entity, promoting the value of second opportunities and contributing to the social and circular economy. Collaborations like these move us all towards a more conscious and collaborative society. Together we add "

Fundació ARED

Fundació Ared is an entity that, for 27 years, has been promoting access to full citizenship for people at high risk of social exclusion, mostly women from prisons and social services, through training and decent work.

“From Ared we offer tools and training resources for personalized support, which facilitate access to the labor market for the person served, improving their level of employability and favoring their independence through decent work, as a way to freedom. Throughout our 27 years, we have served more than 12,000 people and almost 4,000 of them have found jobs. “

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