Fight against poverty and trafficking in women

We present our WATERLAND MAT: an original set of 2 placemat and a bag by the designer Blanca Miró for Güell Lamadrid. The profits from the sale of this product will go entirely to the NGO "Sonrisas de Bombay" in order to fight against trafficking in women and help in schooling projects for homeless children in this city in India.


Collaborating with Waterland Mat for a good cause

Lamadrid Group, puts on your table today, a set of 2 placemat that we have baptized with the name of WATERLAND MAT. With a natural fabric that is half linen and half cotton, Blanca Miró has developed a cheerful and colorful design based on sinuous waves. Woven on the face and back, makes it useful for dual use. It is also available in 3 colors: blue, ocher and multicolor so you can choose the one you like best.

Blanca Miró wishes to donate all the profits generated from the sale of the WATERLAND MAT  to a social cause that brings hope to seriously disadvantaged women and children in the city of Bombay.

Blanca Miró


Blanca Miró Scrimieri (Barcelona, 1992) is a Catalan designer and businesswoman who has become one of the best-known Spanish personalities outside our country in recent years. At 29 years old, she already has 3 businesses: Vasquiat, La Veste and Delarge. With her colorful style and her commitment to mix & match when creating her looks, she has managed to conquer the world of international fashion.

Bombay smiles

Profits from the sale of Waterland Mat products will go to Bombay Smiles, an organization that fights peacefully against poverty and for Human Rights, with special emphasis on human trafficking in different parts of Asia.

Sonrisas de Bombay, as its name indicates, acts mainly in Bombay, one of the cities with enormous rates of poverty and inequality. They also work in other parts of India such as Calcutta, Goa and Pondcicherri.


They help families facing basic deprivation problems through a program that facilitates access to basic health and hygiene services, support for community development, or care for homeless people who are particularly vulnerable.

They also carry out community awareness programs where they organize activities to reflect, raise awareness and promote changes in a shared way, providing tools to face different social problems.

“It is amazing that in the middle of the 21st century a scourge called poverty continues to exist on this planet, but it is even more incredible that we do nothing to eradicate it. Each and every one of us should go through this world making it a better place. There is only one possible response to inequality, injustice and poverty: take the appropriate action to eradicate them.”

Jaume Llorente, founder of Bombay Smiles

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